School Counselor Happenings


Welcome Back!

It has been a great summer and now Stephanie and I are ready to hit the ground running.

First, we would like to welcome our new teachers, Liz Mindel, Sami Baumann, Candace Heinze, and Brock Hart to our Longbranch team. We are very excited to have you with us!

Next, we wanted to thank you for your constructive feedback on our "End of the School Year School Counselor survey". It gave Stephanie and I some great insight as to how we can service our students better. Additionally, it affords us the ability to change a few things on how we can communicate more effectively with faculty and staff. We sincerely appreciate that feedback and hope you will see how your voices were indeed heard as evidenced by the changes we are making to communicate with you better and provide programming most appropriate for our students.

The month of August, for us school counselors, is comprised largely of scheduling students (right now is very active!), preparing our classroom guidance lessons (based primarily off your suggestions from the survey), preparing for the BOB implementation, looking to schedule guidance times, and organizing our school long school counseling program timelines.

I will be resuming my "Lunch Bunch" with 1st and 2nd graders beginning the first week of September. New to our school? Just ask your team what this is. It is a great relationship builder for us with your students. Last year, I was able to get through most classes twice but I know I missed several classes at the end of the year due to the amount of classes we have now. I am open to suggestions of how to make "Lunch Bunch" better-please share any and all ideas!!

Stephanie will be adding a "Lunch Bunch" to her schedule. She will be hosting the 3rd grade this year as we believe it will serve as a good transition for those students to get to know her better since I am generally the one working with the K-3 students primarily through classroom guidance. She is looking to begin this in September as well.

Lastly, we will be sending a monthly "School Counselor Happenings". If there are things you would like us to include specifically on it, please forward those ideas. Otherwise, the main purpose is to give you all an idea of how we are spending our time each month serving our students. Our main role is to develop a comprehensive school counseling program for our all important children. It will be proactive rather than reactive in nature. This requires much planning but more importantly input from our faculty on what our students, faculty, and community need from us. So please, feedback is our friend.

Signing off,
Meredith and Stephanie