Have you heard the affects of wind energy?!

Renewable Resource: Wind Mills

You need wind mills!!!!! There are so many advantages of using wind energy. First of all, wind energy comes from nature so it's FREE and it's captured efficiently since we're using the modern technology! What's great about it, is that the wind mills only take up a small plot of land so the land below can still be used; which means farming can still continue. You don't need to worry about the size of it because it comes in a variety of sizes so a lot of people and buisnesses can use them. Also, guess what?! A small amount of wind mills can power a huge amount of area which is really efficient! Keep in mind that it's also awesome for poor countries.

Even though there are awesome advantages of using a wind mill, there are still a few minor disadvantages too. The wind isn't really predictable so, it won't be effective if a large amount of wind is needed but the wind strength is too low to support the wind turbines. It's a little noisy as well, but there is nothing we can really do about that. Also, the building of the turbines cause polution. Some wild life would be destroyed since it's being built on land. Another disadvantage is that majority of people consider wind turbines to have an undesirable experience. Even though there's a few minor disadvantages, it's still a really good renewable energy source.