I Am Number Four

By: Pittacus Lore

Book Stuff

In this book you meet an alien that has come from the planet Lorien. They had been forced from their planet by the creatures called mogadorians. Four has been taken to earth with his other “friends” to be trained by their guardians. All of them have special powers called legacies each “ hero” has special ones like the ability to breath under water or ability to be invisible anything like that. Before they all separated when they landed on earth each were given a charm. The charm a protection so the “heroes” could only die in a certain order this gave the mogadorians a hard time finding them in order to kill them, which would give the “heroes” more time to train and develop legacies. The plan was when the “heroes” were fully trained the 9 will united again and defeat the mogadorians. Only one problem three of the nine died and four is next.

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