The Crusades

Christina Wright

What was the Crusades?

The Christian Crusade started in the 11th century, it was planned by the European Christians, the reaction toward the Muslim wars that were expanding fast. Their plan was to take over Islam and take back the Holy Land. They also planned to conquer pagan areas as well. Between 1095 the First Crusade took place, and 1291 the Latin Crusade had been expelled from launch in the kingdom of Syria. There was numbers of expeditions to the Holy Land, usually military campaigns intended to stop or slow down the Muslim power or to defeat pagan areas. Crusading slowed down rapidly during the 16th century with the advent Protestant Reformation and papal’s authority as well.


There were at least 30,000 from Europe in the first Crusade, they were made up of Knights, peasants, and other commoners. Some saw the army as a way to get rich and try out their fighting skills, while others saw it as a way into heaven.

Why is the Crusades important to America?

The Crusaders are important to America or else we would not have so many religions in the United States. Everybody would just be one religion.