What's in a name. Yankees

Facts about Yankees baseball team

Team Information

Name of the team: Yankees

Location: USA

State: New York

City: New York City

Longitude: 40.8292 north-73.9264 west

Region: USA

Languages spoken: English

Interesting facts about region: Busiest city, Home of the Empire State Building, a lot of skyscrapers.

Physical Features of the region: Next to ocean, huge park, no flat land.

Team mascot information

Name of mascot: dandy

Nick name for the team: The yanks

How the name connects to the culture of the region: yankee doodle came to new york


Team established: 1901

Founder: George Steinhener

Why did they choose this location: They needed a national league team.

Does the name connect to the region: yes because it has yankee in it (yankee doodle dandy)


Name of stadium: Yankees stadium

Why does the stadium have this name: It's named after the Yankees

there is not other name for the stadium

All stadiums have there names from there sponsors