Rasputin Vs. Death

By: Darren Kremer

General Facts

Rasputin became a very close adviser to the royal family (Romanovs). He called the Czar (Nicholas II) "papa", and the Czarina (Alexandra) "mama". They provided him with all of his needs. Rasputin claimed to have magical healing powers, the Czarina believed this because it seemed that Rasputin lowered/ eased the symptoms of Nicholas II and Alexandra's son Alexei's hemophilia. While Nicholas II went to the front of WWI, Rasputin began to influence the Czarina who was now in charge of the country. Once he started interfering with politics the extended Royal family decided to take action.
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This is a picture of Rasputin standing, before assassination attempts.

Assassination Attempt 1

On December 17th, 1916 is invited to a dinner party by Great Duke Dmitri Romanov, Prince Felix Yussupov, Vladimir Purishkevich, Dr. Lazaret, and Irina Felix's wife. Felix brought Rasputin to a basement dining room, and told him to relax, eat, and drink, and wait until Irina's friends leave. Rasputin originally refused to eat or drink. This worried the extended Royal family because they had poisoned the food and wine. But eventually began to drink some glasses of wine. He showed no signs of being poisoned, he was completely fine. The only signs he showed later was he was burping, had extra salivation, and he asked for tea. When Felix returned to his associates he was worried. The poison had little to no effect on Rasputin.
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Felix Yusopov

Claimed to be main attacker of Rasputin

Assassination Attempt #2

Fed up with the circumstances, jumping a nerve Felix returned downstairs, and while Rasputin was looking at a cross, Felix shot him in the back with a revolver. Dmitri and the Dr. Lazaret went to go get the car. Felix returned to check on Rasputin, he picked up the body which had a few blood drops, and shook it, and dropped it again. He noticed Rasputin slowly open his eyes, suddenly Rasputin leapt up and attacked Felix. Felix brook free, running for the revolver. When he came back Rasputin was crawling up the stairs, he then made it outside and began running through the snow, saying "Felix, Felix... I'll tell the Czarina everything" Felix then fired 2 shots missing, he then shot Rasputin in the back, and in the head. Rasputin fell over grasping his head. Felix then began beating Rasputin with a rubber truncheon.
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Assassination Attempt #3

Rasputin's body was dragged back into the house. Here Rasputin was discovered to still be alive, his breathing was hard, and he only opened one eye. The body was then wrapped in cloth and taken to the Nira River, and thrown in. Rasputin's body was found 2 days later where he had tried to breakthrough the ice, and eventually drowned.

The Truth??

The part about Rasputin being thrown into the river may or may not be true. It was acquired from a book written by Felix. Historians however highly doubt this story. According to historians it wasn't Felix who shot Rasputin, but Great Prince Dmitri. However Felix begged guilty as to protect Dmitri, who still got exiled to Paris. That was the end of Rasputin.


Rasputin had an unexplainable event, it greatly influenced the Royal Family's feelings towards him. The Royal Family was at their hunting lodge in Poland, when Alexei had an accident. A large tumour formed on his groin, doctors rushed to see him, but refused to operate because he would definitely die. Rasputin was 1,000 miles away when he received a telegram. He began praying for the boy. He prayed so intensely that "his face turned gray, and he was sweating". He sent a telegram back saying "the doctors must not tire the boy, who will recover", which he did.

My Reaction

This was by far my favorite project. Just reading about this is CRAZY! The fact that this actually happened is insane, it seems unbelievable. However I really enjoyed creating this project, and researching the information.

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