The Red Scare


General Palmer and Why He Lead the Raids on Communists

General Palmer lead the Palmer Raids because he was seeking revenge due to the bomb that was sent to him but did no harm to him, his decision was to quench the impending "Bolshevik Revolution".

Why the Anarchists agree did not agree with the American Government

The Socialists and Communists Parties didn't agree with how the way the American Government was running because they were invading their homes and putting them on trail for suspicion of a communism uprising in America.

Why The American Civil Liberty Union Defended the Anarachists

The ACLU defended the anarchists because they felt their rights were being violated such rights as Search and Seizure, their right to a Speedy Trial, the right to petition, trial by jury and cruel punishment.

The American Public and the Palmer Raids

Palmer organized raids because he was attempting to protect the american public and his country from the communist radicals, who appeared as a threat to national security. There were several raids because they wanted to protect themselves, they had so many raids that they were called the Palmer Raids, and they fueled my tension between the two.

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