texas road trip

"all around texas"

Our trip

We had a great time going around Texas! It was so much fun to go from Coppell to Austin, to San Antonio, To El paso, and then to San angelo, and back! We loved going to the capital building in Austin and seeing the Alamo in San Antonio but our favorite was definitely going to the San Angelo state park! We loved going there and seeing all of the animals and vegetation. San Angelo had different types of animals such as, Mammals , Amphibians , and reptiles. The one animal that all of us loved the most was the longhorn.We stayed a long time just gazing at them as they slowly ate their pasture and would occasionally just sprint around there pasture chasing one another. Then as we tore our gaze away from the longhorns we walked towards one of the small streams in the large park and saw tadpoles swimming within it and many frogs and other wildlife along the edge of it. Eventually night drew in and we heard the coyotes howling and we left out of fear with an encounter with the coyotes. After we left we had a 10$ dinner at mcdonalds then we went to our $60.00 hotel room where we stayed the night. All that was on our minds throughout the night were the beautiful sights and sounds of the wildlife park. We could even hear coyotes howling in the distance. Then we closed our eyes and drifted off to sleep.