Many a times it becomes important to not just know how to drive, but also to understand the different auto parts and the engineering behind the running of a vehicle. A complete automobile is made up of a million or more small and big auto parts. Auto parts can be of different types. It includes electrical components, small mechanical systems and other miscellaneous parts like upholstery, tyres, dashboard etc.

The major auto components of any vehicle include the physically visible outer parts like the doors, tyres, steering, seats, windshield and wiper systems. Other than these externally visible auto parts, vehicles also have the engines and brake systems and other engineering controls, gauges and metres, cooling systems, oil systems, bearings, hoses, clutch system and gear box, exhaust systems, suspension and transmission systems.

With most of the present day vehicles having latest technologies like automatic locks, fault detectors, temperature controls, fuel indicators etc. a lot of electrical and electronics equipments like sensors, integrated chips etc. too form a part of the car.

One of the most critical auto parts for running the vehicle is the engine and its other allied component parts which includes the ignition system and the starting system. These parts generally have a longer life and do not get worn out or damaged soon. These auto parts are designed to last 7 – 8 years or more.

Some of the auto parts that get worn out easily and need replacement frequently include the tyres, the brake and clutch mechanism parts, door handles, seat covers, audio systems, air-conditioning and side view mirrors. Most of the auto parts can be bought by people individually through retail or whole sale shops that sell auto parts and auto accessories. Additionally mechanics and car maintenance workshops will also be able to provide you with the auto spare parts.

To make procurement of auto parts easier the National Automotive Parts Association was formed in the USA. Their website gives a comprehensive picture of all the major auto spare parts, their prices and also location of automotive spare part stores.

Some of the branded auto parts manufacturers include Bosch Auto Parts, Toyota auto parts etc. Some of them also sell auto parts through online websites too.

It is also to be noted that in most cases the auto parts of one brand of an automobile may not be compatible with the vehicles of a different brand. Hence procuring auto parts for replacement may become difficult in some cases especially if it is in short supply or a unique part or has to be imported from a different location.

With the increasing number of vehicles on road, the auto parts/ auto spare parts and auto accessories sales too have increased and a large number small and big auto parts shops and online portals have come up, making it easier for vehicle owners.

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