SAT Test Day Reminders and Tips

The SAT is coming on April 11th!

Review Test Day Procedures

You should have received a letter in the mail, an email, and/or a message on Family Access regarding upcoming test days procedures. You should follow all directions as to where to report on test day.

Some general SAT test day reminders:

  • Food - Students are encouraged to bring snacks and water to consume during breaks. No lunch break is provided per testing guidelines, so you will want to have some snacks to get you through until after testing concludes.
  • Cell Phones - Leave your phone at home or in your car. Phones are prohibited in the testing room and students will not have access to lockers with testing going on throughout the building. Your test results can be voided if your phone goes off during testing.
  • Calculators - All testing can be completed without the use of a calculator, however, it is highly recommended you bring a calculator. Make sure your calculator has sufficient batteries and check the SAT Calculator Policy to confirm it is approved for SAT Testing. There will be a limited number of calculators available to check out for juniors for testing.
  • Picture Identification - Students need to bring picture identification for checking into their testing room. A student ID card, State of Michigan ID card, or driver's license are all acceptable.
  • Pencils - You should bring some #2 pencils with an eraser. Mechanical pencils are not permitted.

Test Day Prep Tips

  • Last Minute Practice - Do a Full Length Practice Test over Spring Break or some more practice through Khan Academy. Take some time to review Test-Taking Tips and SAT Directions.
  • Take Care of Your Body - Eat a full dinner the night before and get a good night's sleep. Make sure to eat a good breakfast in the morning (you will not have another full meal until after the test is over around 1:30pm). Try to avoid sugar and caffeine unless it is something that your body is already used to consuming regularly.
  • R-E-L-A-X - Do something low stress the evening before test day and prep your body (and mind) for a good night's sleep. Upon arriving to school for the SAT, while finding your testing room, and during the test, make use of Relaxation Strategies.
  • Do Your Best - The SAT is only a test and it is only one part of your high school experience. Give your best effort and see how you do on your score report. You can always retake the SAT later if you want to try to boost your score even more.

Good luck on the SAT!

The Huron Valley Schools Counselors