A big snow-storm

How/Where does the storm form?

How they form, a cold wave follows the passage of a cold front. Blizzards occur in Polar Regions.

Are there any warnings associated with a Blizzard?

  1. Weather advisory on TV:Tells you what the weather might be for ex:FLASH FLOOD WARNING EFFECTIVE UNTIL 8:00 pm
  2. Flash flood when it warms up
  3. Stay indoors it is hard to drive

Types of clouds during a snowstorm

  • Altostratus
  • Nimbostratus
  • Cirrostatus

Severe scale for a snowstorm

There is a picture of a severity scale below
Big image

Blizzard Precautions

  • Stay indoors
  • Don't drive in this weather
  • If you are outdoors get to a shelter
  • Stay warm
What is a blizzard?