Kimora Maberry period 2 5/16/16


The big cat lion lives in the African Savannah.
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Based off of science, I know that a lion has four feet and moves with its legs.
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Body covering

This fierce creature uses its fur to blend in with grass.

Their color is a brown and yellow mixture.

Based off of science, I know that a lion has a vertebrae.

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The lions eat any animal they can catch, for example;

Zebra, Antelope, and last but not least, buffalo.

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When mating the big cats growl and show their teeth.

When the male lion is trying to mate with the female lion, the female is going to try to be rude at first. She plays hard to get.

The male and female lion mate 30 to 40 times a day.

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Lions have really strong teeth and extremely sharp claws.

Their body can adapt to any climate, including extreme heat.

Lions do not like to live in the forest, they prefer grassy land.

Other info

The lion is the most famous big cat.

They are the second largest in the cat family.

A lion is the only big cat that has a mane. Only male lions grow manes, which grow in when they are around 5 years old.

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Works cited

I found my information from World Book Online.