Weekly Reader

This week's top picks from the IE Communications Team

JUNCAL: Good News for food

¡El Bulli vuelve! was the headline Ferrán Adriá himself proposed for his interview with Vanitatis. After all, he never said he was going to close it definitively, just that he was taking a time off to put things in order. So, find all about it here.

YOLANDA: Merging worlds

Known for playing on the line between photography and painting, innovative artist Alexa Meade paints people, as in to putting paint on them, and transforms them in a 2D image in a 3D world. Watch it here.

GILL: Arguing

The approach many of us adopt when we try to convince others to change their minds it’s trying to bludgeon your opponent into submission. Unfortunately, this approach more often than not, leads to the person on the receiving end hardening their existing position. Read here a research that suggests there is a better way.

MARTA: Thinking brains

Did you know our brain actually finish maturing at around 30 years old (talk about Peter Pan syndrome!)? Or that it is somewhat possible to express our brain capacity in Gigabytes? Find all kind of curious details about brains here.

ROBERTO: We can, Spanish version

Spain is different, is well known. So just as we see in Europe a boom of extreme right political parties, in Spain, the surprise, comes from an extreme left party. And we may agree or not with Podemos, but we have to admit, they do know how to campaign. Read the keys to its success.

ALEJANDRA: That 'cool aunt' we all want

The summer of 2014 is filled with huge blockbusters that you shouldn’t miss, but there are plenty of lesser-known movies coming out that will likely be better than their blockbuster counterparts. Find here 10 options if not a fan of superheroes sagas or young adult books adaptations.

KERRY: Positive shot

To start the day with a smile, try this video. Everything is Awesome, by Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island, from the LEGO Movie soundtrack.