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Happy April!

Did you have a chance to check out Todd Howard's talk on Friday? He shared great tips about working in game design from his experiences at Bethesda Games. Two salient points for anyone interested in working in game design: 1) take a computer programming class and 2) work on projects outside of the classroom setting so your portfolio looks unique.

I hope to see you at our Networking Reception this Friday. It's a great opportunity to meet professionals from a variety of industries including marketing, education and government.

Also, don't forget to add Free Kilwins with the Cohen Career Center to your calendar for April 13th. It starts at 11:45 AM and we will scoop until we run out of ice cream!

Anna Umbreit, M.S., NCC

I’ve advised thousands of students on careers in the arts, media/communication, and entertainment. My own creative endeavors include creative writing, film, dance, museums, and fashion design. You can schedule a time to meet with me by either calling 757-221-3231 or stopping by the Cohen Career Center's front desk.

Upcoming Events & Deadlines

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Searching for Internships or Jobs?

For additional internship opportunities, check out our subscriptions to ArtSearch (theatre, museums, academia) and Bridge (music) -- access available on TribeCareers. Please note, ArtSearch has changed so you can use this link to add a subscription to your shopping cart and enter coupon code ASTCG111 to get the subscription for free! Another database you have access to is the UCAN internship database which has hundreds of internship postings on any given day.

Did You Know?

Speaking of games, did you know that some companies are using apps and web-based games to evaluate candidates for jobs? I'll link several popular ones below if you want to try them out. I recommend familiarizing yourself with these since you never know when an employer might hand you a handheld device and ask you to play games like this so they can assess how you think and what your natural abilities are. Each version also provides career-related suggestions for job titles or companies. Remember though, that their suggestions may be limited by the employers or industries they work with.

Talk to me....?

No one else wants to weigh in?? 21 people completed it last Spring, whereas only 18 more responses came in during the '16-'17 academic year! If you have about 2 minutes, I'd like you to tell me about industries you are curious about, cities you think you'll live in, etc. Please take this survey!

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Creative Careers Newsletter, Issue 15: April 4, 2017