Communicate! Collaborate! Advocate!

If not you, then who?

Library Marketing 101

Keeping stakeholders apprised about what is happening in the library recruits advocates for your program. Others can’t advocate on behalf of the library program if they don’t know about what you do, so tell them frequently and in lots of different ways!

Create a Communication Plan!

Identify your audiences and target communications specifically to each group, but don't be concerned if information overlaps

  • Families need to know how the library program benefits students and how they can help
  • Staff need to know about resources and services that you are providing and any collaborative units that you have co-taught
  • Principals hate surprises, so keep yours informed about library happenings!

A Library Website is a MUST HAVE!

Using the Destiny Homepage

How to add information to Destiny-

Login and click to the right where it says “edit page”

Click on the pencil

See Destiny Help

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Get the word out with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more!

Share your updates, posts, news, comments, and photos more effectively by connecting your social media accounts. Many platforms allow you to post information in more than one place simultaneously. This reaches more stakeholders and saves time that you can use to reply individually to comments that have been posted.

Staff Newletters using Infographics

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Bimonthly Principal Reports

The principal is the single most important person to keep informed about:

  • which classes visited the library and what they did

  • new resources and how they are being used

  • trainings and presentations given by library staff

  • library usage and circulation figures

  • professional activities or conferences attended

  • problems and how they are being addressed

Build your PLN!

Terri Grief is the current president of the American Association of School Librarians and the librarian at McCracken County High School in Paducah, Kentucky.

Contact us to share ideas

Joni Maloney is the Library Media Coordinator for Fayette County Public Schools in Lexington, Kentucky.