Alternate Energy

By: Madison Patrick


1. It is powered by the sun

2. Inconsistent

3. Costly

4. Clean and quiet

5. Available almost anywhere

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1. Energy powered by wind

2. Can take up lots of ground space

3. Inconsistent

4. Clean

5. Not so quiet

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1.Can be replenished at a high rate

2. Huge amounts available

3. Considered the most "green" of all the renewable energy types

4. Costly

5. Can't be transported

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1. Little cost

2. Renewable

3. Can produce damaging gases

4. Created from organic matter

5. Converts waste into fuel

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1. Can be dangerous to the environment

2. Little pollution

3. Reliable

4. Affordable

5. Low Carbon

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1. Powered by water

2. Efficient

3. Can be made anywhere with falling water

4. Clean

5. Can be costly to build dams

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