Stylist Profile


Senior Stylist Alison Montone-Lyon

Family Situation (Single, married, kids, fur-babies?) Single- been with boyfriend Justin for 5 years and we live together

Stella & Dot Start date: Signed up June 11 2012

How you found the opportunity? Did someone introduce you? My cousin hosted a Stella & Dot party in the spring, I never heard of Stella & Dot or seen their products but my cousin has great style and I trusted her taste. The party was so much fun and I ended up buying 3 stacking bracelets (still one of my favourites- the Renegade Cluster in Gold) and a necklace. I tapped out my resources after that purchase but kept debating about the Campari necklace. After speaking with Jodi Macandrew (stylist) she suggested I host my own party and I could potentially earn the necklace for free or at half off. Afterwards, I hosted my own party and it was such a success! I ended up with over $1000 in free jewelry and items at half off and it was way more than I imagined considering I hoped to get a necklace at 50% off :) Being in sales, I asked Jodi more about the commissions, the company, and what she liked about SD. After owning a good portion of the line, I thought, I can totally do this! From then, I have been having so much fun with it.

Short and Long Term goals: Short Term goals-For 2013, I would like to personally sell $75000, grow my team by 8 stylists and I'm always up for a vacation- so Earn a spot at the 2013 Glam Getaway (why not!?)

Long Term Goals: Increase my leadership role and promote to Star Stylist.

How you plan to spend your earnings: We recently purchased a new home and my Stella & Dot earnings will allow me to still have my 'fun' money for travel, clothes and entertainment while still being able to put savings towards our new home and furnishing it with my 'day' job.

Why you wanted to become a stylist: The opportunity came at a time when I wanted to earn more supplementary income, while still balancing a career/social life. Being a stylist allows me to combine socializing with making money and I fell in love with all the accessories! I have a pretty demanding 'day' job as an account executive, so I needed a company with a great support system and Stella & Dot's customer service really blew me away. The support the company provides through customer service, marketing, training and their supply chain makes it easier for me to do this part-time and keep it simple & fun.

Any fun facts about you: I love to travel! Had the opportunity to visit many destinations, but last year we went to Africa and had such an amazing experience I can't wait to plan another trip there. I also love reading, skiing and I dabble in a bit of photography

Favourite Make up brand? (why not?!) Tough question! I'm a MAC girl for a lot of my eyeliner/eye shadow, but love Dior & Lancome for mascara...right now I'm a big fan of a pop of colour on the lips and using Lise Watier's Rouge Catwalk (comes with a mirror/light on the lipgloss tube)