Elementary Music Teacher

What does an elementary music teacher do?

Elementary music teachers are responsible for providing an introduction to technical music concepts such as beat, rhythm and pitch to primary school students. They expose students to scales, musical notation, singing, different types of musical instruments and different styles of music. Elementary school music teachers also teach students about the history of music, as well as introducing them to the music of many legendary musicians and composers. Additionally, a music teacher may be required to prepare students for public school performances, direct a band or chorus, or teach private lessons.

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What are the education requirements for this job?

All states require a teaching certificate to be held by the teacher, if they teach in public school. If partaking in elementary music teaching they must be certified in elementary school education and elementary music education. A Bachelor of Arts in Music a Education is preferred; however, a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with a minor in music is another acceptable option. Students might take topics such as music literature, music history, child development, applied instruction and elementary music methods. Those who are interested in conducting student orchestras and choirs may take classes on voice methods, ensembles, string methods and conducting.

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