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Biostatistians Wanted

Why work at St Bartholomew's Hospital

Located in Smithfield in the city of London, St Bartholomew's Hospital is looking for qualified Biostatistians to work along side students in their biological labs in the The London School of Medicine. Since Biostatisticians play essential roles in designing studies and analyzing data from research problems, the staff find it neccessary that qualified Biostatistains work alongside students in order to further their education purposes for the future. The school has a distinguished history in the field of research and teaching, and has been at the forefront in the development of a modern medical curriculum. Consequently, many of the school's research efforts are focussed on conditions that are prevalent or endemic to the local area, for example, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, tuberculosis and other chronic lung diseases, HIV, oral disease, and cancer.

Job Description and Opportunities

Applicants are asked to work alongside students and assist with reseach in the medical field. Applicants will be given the opportunities to be in a positive environment surrounded by peers who wish to make a difference in the medical field. his job requires an assortment of obligations. The following tasks will be required:

  • Design and analysis of clinical trails in medicine
  • Finding candidates for genes that can influnce disease in human genetics.
  • Sequence anylasis
  • Provide experience on data samples and collection
  • Establishing research problems/studies
  • Help to develop new patient treatements, govern public health policies
  • To publish results/ medical reports on solving problems.

Requirements for application:

St Bartholomew's Hospital require the following from all applicants:

  • A Master’s degree or PHD (recomended) in statistics, mathematics, or survey methodology (although a bachelor's degree is sufficient under special circumstances)
  • 2 letters of reccomendation from creditable sources
  • A strong foundation in science and in mathematics.
  • Being available for 40 hours per week of work, not including overtime spent on required assignement.

    *More details to following during interview

Biostatisticians with one to four years of work experience in the field earned annual salaries between $52,943 and $82,294 (USD) as of July 2009.
*Salary to be determined based off of skill set and years of experience.

If interested, please contact head Biostatistician, Sarah Funyak at: funyaks@unitedway.com.uk