Northern/italian Renaissance

by: Bailey Jones, Raven Doyle, Maryum Johnston

Where did it begin?

The Northern renaissance began somewhere in Northern parts of Italy. The Italian Renaissance began in Florence, in the northern part if Italy. Renaissance itself, means "rebirth" in French language. It also began in the 14th and 15th century.

Important people:

Giovanni Bellini: He is a leading painter of the Venetian School, also known for his madonnas and altarpeices.

Leonardo Da Vinci: painted "Mona Lisa", and was an engineer who designed many flying machines and tanks

Dante: he helped define the venacular of what is now known as Italian.

There are so many artists that is in the Northern Renaissance.

Main Idea of the Northern Renaissance

Northern Renaissance humanists focused on more religious ideas, compared to the Italian Renaissance's focus. They were more concerned with church reform and returning to the ways of the early Christian Church.


  • the styles of the Northern Renaissance vary according to geography.
  • The Marriage of Giovanni Arnolfini, commonly called the Arnolfini Wedding, is van Eyck's most famous work.
  • The watercolor study of a hare shows Albrecht Durer's intimate interest in nature,