All About Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand

Early Life

Ayn Rand was born on February 2nd 1905 in St.Petersburg ,Russia. Her real name is Alisa Zinovievna Rosenbaum . She was a very smart girl, she taught herself how to read at the age of 6. While in High School she witnessed The Kerensky Revolution which she agreed with and The Bolshevik Revolution which she denounced. She went to the Univeristy of Petrograd to study philosophy and history and graduated in 1924.

Family Background

Ayn Rand was adopted Ayn Rand Father name was Zinovy Zacharovich and was born Brestlitovsk, Russia on November 18. Her Mother name was Anna Borisovna Kaplan and was born St. Peterburg on October 15. Ayn Rand was raised in a upper middle class. Her parents got married on May 3rd. She discovers writings of Victor Hugo to escape the civil was afterwards the family moves to Ukraine.


She wrote her first novel in 1936 called "We the Living" She also wrote a Novel in 1938 called The Anthem, another one in 1943 called "The Fountainhead" Also in 1957 called Atlas Shrugged. She was very multi-skilled she not only wrote novels but she also wrote plays plays, screenplays, short stories and non-fiction books. A play that she has wrote was called The Night of January 16. A short story she wrote was called T"he Early Ayn Rand" A non fiction book she has written was called "The Romantic Manifesto in 1969.