O.J. Simpson

Football Player


O.J. Simpson Was A Retired Football Player. He Played For Buffalo Bills Back In 1969-78

Date Of Birth

Born On The 9th Of July In 1947 In San Francisco California United States


Studied At University Of Southern California In 1969


Eunice Simpson ( Mother ) & Jimmy Lee Simpson ( Father )


- Melvin Leon " Truman " Simpson

- Shirley Simpson-Baker

- Carmelita Simpson Durio ( Deceased As A Child )

Childhood Events

O.J. Simpson Joined A Hang Called " Persian Warriors " . He was raised by his mother. One fight had landed in the Youth Guidence Center for nearly a week in 1962 which was located in San Francisco

Evidence Found On The Scene

- Blood

- Bloody Shoe Prints

- Hairs and Fiber

- Bloody Gloves

- Bloody Socks

- Bloody Bronco

Nicole Brown Simpson

Was The Wife Of O.J.

Ronald Goldman

Was Murdered By O.J.

Details Of Crime

- Almost Cut Her ( Nicole Ex Wife ) Head Completely Off

- Stabbed Ronald Goldman Over 20 Times

Outcome Of Case

O.J. Simpson Was Found Not Guilty In The Murders Of Nicole Brown Simpson And Ronald Goldman ..


- O.J Simpsons Murder Case Lasted Longer Than 8 months. The Murder Trail Was Given On Jan 24, 1995..


O.J Simpson Was Not Convicted With Murder Although He Confessed To Doing It ..


He Was Sentence To Not Guilty In 2 Counts Of Murder


He did not commit Suicide

Killed By Police

He was not killed by police

Whereabouts ?

O.J Simpson Is Now Incarcerated At Lovelock Correctional Center . He Is Doing 33years With The Maximum Of 9 Years Without Parole. He Was Charged With Armed Robbery And Kidnapping .

Still Alive ?

Yes He Is Alive

Dead ?

Currently Living


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