Manifest Destiny and Immigration

By: Dylan James and Carson Knowles

Manifest Destiny

the 19th-century doctrine or belief that the expansion of the US throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable. The US was trying to expand there land westward by purchasing the Louisiana purchase, they sent native Americans west to civilize the unexplored portion of our territory. This exploration was lead by the famous Lewis and Clark, as they set forth to discover new land. The Industrial Revolution played a big role in this expansion, building the railroads helped ship and transport Native Americans to the wet without going through dangerous terrains.
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Transcontinental Railroad

This event tied the east and west territories together, making it so that the US didn't have to walk through dangerous terrains to get the the west. This was the first time transcontinental railroad travel was made possible throughout the United States. Construction on this railroad began in 1863 and was all finished by 1869. This idea connected the eastern side of america to the Western side of America, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
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Klondike Gold Rush

This was a large group of immigrants moving into the west, about 100,000 people, moving to the region of Yukon in North-Western Canada. This movement was started in 1896 and was ended in 1899. They wanted to move west to rush gold and hopefully soon become very wealthy. This rush began by a man who found gold in the so called,"Bonanza river", gold was supposedly found every where, but it took the news so long to spread at this time because of the lack of communication. Eventually the word got around within a year or so, and started the beginning of the Klondike Gold Rush.
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Push Pull Factors of Immigration

Industrial Revolution in America

In America the industrial revolution created many job openings for Immigrants, cheap labor was provided, but the success of the Industrial Revolution relied on the immigrants filling jobs which helped expand the civilization of the United States. Around 75% of the immigrants arrived in Ellis Island, often time when they arrived in America they were forced to leave because they had diseases, were not smart enough, spoke the wrong language, or just not fit for the US environment. The immigrants who did happen to \ stay did not live the life expected when they moved here, although it was better than there home country, they were still making minimum wages, and often time faced discrimination throughout there lives.
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The Lure of Life in America

Many people traveled to America because they pictured themselves as living the "American dream", little did they know this would not work out in the long run. People also moved because of many job openings, cheap land, and opportunity for success. peoples main focus at this time was to pursue Indivisual Freedom, Religious Freedom, and Economic Freedom. at this time people wanted to leave there country and create better living conditions for themselves and their families.