Holidays Around the World

Christmas, Posadas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa


The Dolphin class will be exploring the way people celebrate Christmas. The children will have hands on experiences with several Christmas activities through out the week.

Books : The Night Before Christmas; Christmas is Here; The Christmas Wish: the Little Christmas Tree; The Gingerbread man

Activities: Make gingerbread men, make salt dough Christmas ornaments, paint Christmas wreath, decorate the classroom Christmas tree, Special Guest will be Santa clause


We will be discovering how Latin American countries celebrate their nine day Holiday.

Posadas means "Inn" or " Shelter"

Books: The Legend of the Poinsettia: The Night of Las Posadas: Two Many Tamales

Activities: The children will made a class Piñata, tissue paper poinsettias, paper plate poinsettias ornaments, individual paper bag Piñatas


Hanukah known as the Festival of Lights is a eight day Jewish Holiday. The children will have awareness of how this holiday is celebrated. They will have hands on activities and experiencing tasty Hanukah tradition foods. The children will also have a special guest come to the classroom to talk about the Hanukah holiday.

Foods: Making coconut macaroons, Latkes onion potato pancakes and chocolate marshmallow dreidels

Books: Latkes, latkes Good to Eat, Hanukah oh Hanukah, One Candle, Eight Wild Nights

Activities: Popsicle stick menorahs, Milk carton dreidal, Hanukah cards, hand print Hanukah Menorahs


Kwanzaa is a celebration of Family, Community and Culture, It is a week long celebration by African Americans. The children will explore the culture of African American of how they dress and what the candles represent.

Books: K is for Kwanzaa, Seven Spools of Thread, My First Kwanzaa, Seven days Of Kwanzaa, My First Kwanzaa Book

Activities: Hand print Kinare, Red, Green, and Black noodle necklace, make Kufi construction paper hats, make the seven principles of Kwanzaa hand wreath

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