has some of the worlds most ancient structures

Brief Introduction to Egypt.

Egypt has some very strange temperature depending on the time like in the night it is very cold and it seams weird since it is a desert which means it is dry and hot also all of the ground is just sand and stone. As you can guess not much life can survive.

Did you know that Egypt can fit into Canada 9.97 times and that Egypt's area is 1,001,450km2.

Egypt flag

Egypt has 3 different colour's and they mean different things white means the end of the monarchy and black means the end of the oppression by Egypt monarchy and British colonizers. Also red stands for the revolution that deposed king Farrouk and army officers.

Finally the eagle stands for power and unity.

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National Anthem (Part 5)

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The sphinx is one of Egypt's most ancient structure's and represents a winged monster of Thebes that made a riddle about the three ages of man and if anyone failed to answer was killed.


One of the first structures made by ancient Egyptians and is taller then a skyscraper also was made as a tomb for dead kings.