Missing: Bigfoot

By: Emily Carlson

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Age: 181 years old

Place Of Birth: Himalaya Mountains

Height: 2-3 m

Weight: 500

Hair: Dark Brown, Dark Reddish

Eyes: Yellow

Race: Mammal

Aliases: Yeti, Sasquatch, Wood Ape


BIgfoot has many surnames, some of them are; Yeti, Sasquatch, and Wood Ape. If you ever see him, he is very hairy, ape like figure. He is 2-3 m tall, and is covered in dark brown or dark reddish hair. Bigfoot has a strong, unpleasant smell to him. He is nocturnal, walks as if walking on eggshells, and has a hunched posture. In March, of 1999, a man reported a strange occurrence in Northern California. Then, he spotted an 8-foot tall creature walking upright, and covered in thick, hair. Chris Wright, 29, was taking a midnight cigarette break, then heard a inhuman scream. Next, he saw a 6 foot tall creature, it had to be Bigfoot. Bigfoot has been spotted in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. He has been known to roam around the countries of Canada and North America. Other states Bigfoot has been spotted are; Oregon, and Northern Alaska. Some researchers have said, that people could pass out from the stench. Bigfoots have appeared in some Native American stories as a caveman, who stole fish from fishermans nets.

If you have seen this cryptid please call #915-405-BIGFOOT