Mrs. Bulloch's Phys Science Class

Gardner Newman Middle School

Last Week's Review

Last week, students began learning about states of matter, physical and chemical properties, and physical and chemical changes. They were introduced to a new type of lesson/lab that will become "the norm" in Science classes. Students were given a phenomena about sand. Instead of just answering the question, they had to think like scientists and prove their answers by showing evidence. It challenged them and taught them how to problem solve. It was very exciting and fun to watch the kids figure out how to create a method to show their evidence.

This Week's Preview

Monday: Slime Lab

Tuesday: EQ Quiz

Wednesday: Rotation Activity in class

Thursday: Rotation Lab

Friday: Matter Webquest

Matter 2 Study Guides will be handed out to students this week! The test is October 4th!

Chemical Masks & Super Heroes cross over to ELA!

Students worked in Mrs. Callaway's class this week writing about their chemical masks or super hero. They are learning how to follow methods in descriptive writing.