Arthropods are things too

By: Alan Ho-3rd Period-Vu

What are these weird creatures

An arthropod is an invertebrate animal having and exoskeleton, a segmented body, and jointed appendages. Arthropods are known for their limbs and cuticles which are actually made up of chitin. This is what actually allows growth in the arthropod, but after time the cuticle is replaced by moulting. The arthropod body plan consists of repeated segments, each with a pair of appendages. In few arthropods there are both sex organs, as to most of them where they only have one sex organ. They have over two million described species, making up more than 80% of all described living animal species, some of which, unlike most animals, are very successful in dry environments. They constitute over 90% of the animal kingdom.

Prey and Predator

Some prey of the arthropods are beetles, true bugs, lacewings, flies, midges, spiders, wasps, and mites. Some predators are humans, snakes, and birds. These species are very well populated allowing their predators to get enough food.


These animals often live in a hotter and dryer climate. These can be found in deserts to swamp areas. They are able to obtain water and stay hydrated for a long amount of time. This helps them live longer and be able to live in extreme climates such as deserts.


The last common ancestor of all arthropods is reconstructed as a modular organism with each module covered by its own sclerite and contains a pair of biramous limbs. There really isn't enough evidence to say that the arthropod has a common ancestor. The animal exhibits many things that is hard to find in many different animals so they are told to be left alone.

The respiratory system

Aquatic arthropods possess gills for respiration. Although they vary in structure and location, the gills are always outgrowths of the skin and are therefore covered by the exoskeleton, which is thin in this area and not a barrier to the exchange of gases. The respiratory system is considerably large compared to the actual size of the body. Although the body is relatively small, the actual system is very productive allowing the animal to move very easily and live a healthy life.