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Volume I, Issue I

January 4, 2019
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Hello Tulsa MET community!

I am thrilled to be the Principal at Tulsa MET Junior High and High School! The first semester has been a whirlwind of activity, as I have taken time to understand the history and traditions of Tulsa MET. I have also met all of the students, faculty, staff, and quite a few families! Honestly, there have been some days where I wonder if my feet have even touched the ground!

As we begin the second semester, I realize that there will be fewer academic days. This is due to a variety of reasons: several long weekends combining professional development and holidays; Spring Break; Oklahoma State Testing Program assessments; as well as several other events that will occur.

Knowing that there will be fewer academic days, it is more important than ever that your student/s are at school on time, everyday, for the entire day! Our first class begins at 8:45 am and students should be on campus by 8:30 to allow for breakfast and traveling to their class.

The assistant principal, Kari Garman and I are both enjoying our first year at Tulsa MET. Kari and I are each are new to this school site, yet we each have twenty plus years of education experience. As administrators, we are working with the faculty to ensure that the unique experiences available at Tulsa MET remain intact and grow stronger. Additionally, the faculty is determining what areas need development to provide the best learning environment for all of Tulsa MET students.

Kari and I both have an "open door" policy for students, faculty, staff, and parents. If you have concerns or know of issues, please let us know immediately. Our contact information is listed near the bottom of this newsletter.

Thank you for welcoming us in to the Tulsa MET community! We look forward to getting to know every family!



Valarie Farrow, Interim Principal

Tulsa MET Junior High & High School

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Upcoming Events

January 7-31: ACCESS testing

January 7: School resumes/Be IN CLASS @ 8:45 am

January 8: Absence appeals submitted to main office for first semester classes only

January 9: All student/teacher narratives complete and submitted

January 15: Grade Reports/Narratives sent home with students

January 18: Professional Development Day for Teachers/No School for students

January 21: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day/No School

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Our school offers each student at all grade levels an Advisory Model.

Advisors are the Tulsa MET teachers

This program is a way to have our students start their day off with a positive and interactive relationship in the class with their Advisor.

The Advisors consist of each teacher on staff to build a safe and open relationship with each student and to provide many facets to hands-on activities and lessons that kick start and feed each mind. For consecutive years, the student will have the same advisor model so that they become prepared and confident for

  • project based learning
  • collaborative ideas
  • student involvement in promoting free-thinking

This becomes important once the child gets to higher grade levels for more intense focus on their Internship for Learning!

WE WORK HARD & PLAY HARD! First semester fun at Tulsa MET!

Our students are free to be who they want to be incorporating a free-thinking, goal-oriented environment!

  • There are numerous partnerships to choose from; each child enrolled will be responsible for completing their standard subject area content and additional projects which include; autobiographies, community service projects and an LTI (Learning Through Internship).
  • Each student will sign a Senior Contract so that they maintain ownership and responsibility of their own learning for each graduating class.
  • Exhibitions allow our students to grow exponentially through presenting their subjects orally for each subject/class in lieu of Exams every nine weeks. This proves to be successful for the student so that they may express understanding visually as well as vocally through a presentation in their classes.


...different career paths through specifically designed service learning projects and shadow days with members of the community. Our students are engaged in "real-world" learning projects to discover the connection between junior high and real life!

Tulsa MET Mission

The mission of the Tulsa Met JH & HS is to sustain a thriving collaborative learning community which provides equitable learning opportunities for all students.

Contact us:

Valarie Farrow, Principal: farrova@tulsaschools.org

Kari Garman, Assistant Principal: garmaka@tulsaschools.org

Mariah Zirkle, Secretary/Attendance: zirklma@tulsaschools.org

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