The Dark Side of Chocolate

By Morgan Wels and Jordan Enevold

Do You Like Chocolate?

The chocolate you love may have many secrets you thought you would never hear. People in other countries will actually go and sell their children to cocoa bean farmers just to get some extra money. Cocoa farmers are buying young children to go out and do hard and dangerous work tasks. The children involved in this child labor don't get payed for what they do either, plus the living conditions are brutal. With no electricity, running water, schooling, and health clinics. This means the children do not get to go to school and it they get hurt or sick there is nowhere for them to go.

More Than What Meets the Eye

Children work to pick cocoa so that chocolate can be made. Workers use short curved knives on long poles to cut the cocoa pods from the trees. The pods are then collected and put into baskets. The slaves then drag the baskets to an open area and whack open the shells of the pods using machetes. Next, the workers scoop out the seeds and cover them with banana leaves. The pulp is left to ferment or to undergo fermentation. After 9 days, when the seeds turn brown, they are set out on drying racks in full sunlight. Finally, they load up the cocoa seed and ship them off to factories.

The Bitter Truth

Some of your favorite chocolate brands may be hiding something you never would have thought. One of the most famous brands, Hershey’s were not going to buy cocoa beans from any child slavery companies. But what they didn’t know was they were. So you may think you don’t need to worry about this because it doesn’t affect you. But you could be eating chocolate that was made from cocoa beans that the little children from other countries picked and suffered from. Now that you think of it that way the chocolate doesn’t sound that great does it? The cocoa beans that large well known brands buy may hide the secrets of the children who pick them.

Children Like You

Children work for 12 hours out of the day to make cocoa and receive no reward or pay. Around 284,000 children use machetes to cut the stalks off the trees. 153,000 children spray the crops with poisonous chemicals. Only one third of the workers who work at the plants have some kind of schooling, and many of the workers have never even tasted chocolate in their lives.
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