February 2016

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Scott's Corner

This month in the corner, we are going to outline some of the reminders, hints, and tips as you prepare to administer Milestone Diagnostic Assessments.


The new semester has begun and with that comes schedule changes, new students, and roster updates. It may be beneficial to encourage teachers to check their roster in FultonConnect to ensure that the students are up to date and reflect what is in eSchool. This can prevent issues later when scoring or re-releasing certain students. If possible, try to administer as much of your testing online as possible. It takes less time, the scores are calculated quicker, and you don’t have to worry about scanning.


If you are able to conduct some or all of your testing online, remember that a student’s user log in is their student ID (lunch number) and their password is their birthday (MMDDYYYY). If a student is unsure of any of their log in information, you can look up the student in eSchool or FultonConnect to find their ID or birth date. If a student tries to log in and is unsuccessful, their account may have been disabled. The student can be reactivated by going into the roster in student tracking, right clicking on the roster and choose the Activate Students option. A class list of the students will appear, and you can select any student that is labeled disabled and change them to Active. Anyone with access to the students in student tracking can do this, so teachers, DSSs, and administrators are capable.


If you are going to be using scan sheets and paper/pencil testing, please ensure that you are printing preslug bubble sheets without any printing options. These can include altered margins, fit to page options, or anything else that could shrink or expand the bar code. Also make sure that your scanner is set to black and white mode and not color or grey scale. This allows the scanner to read the student bubbles as accurately as possible. Finally, if you are using a new computer for scanning or have updated equipment, make sure you are using the PCG scanning tool marked V3.0.4-GF. It is recommended that you have a designated work station somewhere in the building for all scanning and scoring of paper/pencil assessments if possible.

As you progress through the testing process, if you run into any issues, or if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Good luck and happy testing!


EOC & EOG Diagnostic Milestone Assessments

The optional EOC and EOG Diagnostic Milestone Assessments will be available soon. These assessments are aligned to the GA Milestone Blueprints and have gone through extensive review with the Humanities and STEM Departments to ensure they are correctly aligned to standards and represent the level of rigor that will be on the Milestone Assessments.

· February 17th – EOG online version available

· February 22nd – EOG paper/pencil version available in Testing Coordinator portal

· March 7th – EOC online version available

· March 14th – EOC paper/pencil version available in Testing Coordinator portal

It is the recommendation of the Assessment Department that students who will be testing online for the GA Milestone Assessments will also test online for the Diagnostic Assessment.

Please check out our website for more detailed information.

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Georgia Milestones Results

Since the GA Milestones are new tests, the results will take longer to load in FultonConnect. But teachers and administrators can review their results in the GaSLDS (Georgia Statewide Longitudinal Data System) now. Users can access the site through eSchool. In GaSLDS, EOG & EOC results are now available for viewing.

Summer 2016

Planning for summer activities impacting FultonConnect such as Summer School, FY16 Student Record Signoff/Rollover, FY17 Student schedule data, IMS upgrade, among others are already underway! Look for more information to follow in upcoming newsletters.

Help Desk News

The Technology Help Desk continues to improve customer service. Recently, they added an additional team member for a total of eight members to support FultonConnect service issues. Also, they will soon implement a new process to improve response time to tickets. As a reminder, hours of support are 7:00 am to 6:30 pm.


If you are part of a school that is using FultonConnect for interesting work, please feel free to reach out to us and let us know what you are working on and if/how we can support you! You can email Scott Hetherington at


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