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What's Due and What's Not Due Before Break

Let's start with what we have this week. We took the first part of our reading midyear today and the students did even better than I could have hoped. I was very proud of them for taking their time and checking their work. We will take the second portion of the test on Wednesday.

We also got a TFK magazine this week. We did not get new word study words. We will start word study after the break. We are finishing up our reading group books this week as well.

The big item we are working on this week is our country research. Students were to be finished with their research first stage on Friday and be working on their writing this week, with the goal of nearly finishing the essay template this week. Please check in with your student to see where they are with their research.

Baby It's Cold Outside

One of the great mysteries of fourth grade is what is required for students to wear outside if it is chilly. The only rule from Albemarle County is that if it is 32 degrees or below, their body must be covered. This could mean just a pair of pants and a long-sleeve shirt. If it is 32 or below, we offer an indoor option for students to remain inside for recess. If a student has exposed skin and no pants or long-sleeves, they will stay in for recess. We are not the coat police. If your child chooses to not wear a coat, hat, or gloves, I will not make them do so. There have been different policies and it has varied from year to year, so I wanted to make sure we were all clear on the rules. We have a designated weather person in class and it is their job to tell us what the temperature is before recess. Please let me know if you have any questions.