CN Jr/Sr High School WeAreOne

September 14, 2017

"When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts" Dalai Lama

Every child is gifted and talented. Every single one. Everything I’ve written about in my weekly newsletters has been open for argument, except for this one. I know this one is true. Every single student at CN Jr/Sr HS is gifted and talented in a particular area. Every single one also has particular challenges. For some students, the classroom setting is the place where their genius is hardest to see and their challenges are easiest to see. And since they spend so much time in the classroom, that’s a tough break for some students.

Like our student who is severely dyslexic but also could win Last Comic Standing without even rehearsing. Like our student in a wheel chair with multiple challenges in completing every day tasks, but has a smile that lights up the room when you talk with her about her new scarf or the color she is wearing. Like our Jr High student reading at a 2nd grade level who sings with the voice that sends chills up your spine. Or the high school student who is always getting in trouble. Everyday, getting in trouble, but stopped to help my neighbor change a tire at the grocery store when she came out and it was flat. Or our student who is gifted in learning in the classroom, but has challenges being kind and humble about her particular strengths, so she has a lot of trouble making friends.

Every single student is gifted. And every student has challenges. It’s just that some gifts and challenges are harder to see. And lots of teachers are working on this. Lots of schools, including CN, are trying to find ways to make all student's gifts visible and celebrated .

We can help our kids who struggle in school believe that they’re okay. We must believe that our students are okay. Every last one of them. The perfect ones and the naughty ones and the annoying ones and the shy ones and the loud ones and the so far behind ones. Because We Are One!

John Scheiber, CN Student Making a Difference

John Scheiber played a hug part in the 17-18 Staff Introduction Video that Mr. Wesson helped us create. The background music we used was his original music. He wrote it, performed it, recorded it, and shared it with us! I asked him to share a little bit about himself with us and here is what he had to say:

I play Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar, Harmonica, and Piano. I started playing guitar when mom and dad got me my first guitar in 2010. I started to take lessons. After playing guitar for 2 years I stopped lessons and started teaching myself the harder things about guitar. I started playing drums in 6th grade when I joined band. After that I learned all of the other instruments on my own. My plan's are to go to college then get a job at Sweetwater. I hope to be a solo artist one day. And if you want to include my youtube channel that would be cool.

What an awesome kid! Please check out his youtube channel and let him know how much we appreciate his help?

Grateful Friday Challenge

Recognize a student or two or three this week for their outstanding gifts and talents! Don't let this next week slip by without taking the opportunity to make a student's day!

The Young Americans Tour

Saturday, Sep. 16th, 3:30-7pm

CN Auditorium

If you get the chance and you want to see an AMAZING display of collaboration and creativity come to the Final Performances of the YA workshop on Saturday, 9-16-17 at 3:30 PM and & 7:00 PM at the Central Noble Auditorium. Tickets are $10 for adults and students are $8

We have over 200 students from CN, WN and Churubusco as well as Oakfarm, and area homeschools attending the three day workshop and performing on Saturday.


9/16 Young Americas Performance

9/16 Fall Choir Concerts @ Harvest Fest

9/17 Jazz Band Performance @ Harvest Fest

9/17 Family Fall Night @ the Amazing Maze

9/20 PT Conferences/Flex Day

9/22 Test Integrity/Security Training