DL-Final Exam

whats a digital footprint and whys it important?

A digital footprint is everything about you and your background. Your digital footprint shows everything about you and what your about and what you have done for yourself and community

My digital foorprint

My digital footprint consist of social media and the tools are blogger twitter and Facebook


Twitter impacts my digital footprint because i used it for projects and campaigning and those can show something good about me and something good i did for my school and myself.


I used Blogger for my 20% project to reflect my experience it impacts my future because my future employer can see the experience i had.

Impact of my digital footprint

my digital footprint can impact my future because my future employer can see the experiences i had and will have in my life from my social media.

It can be good because it can show your future employer that you've been involved in your community or other things your involved it.

It can also be harmful for you because if you accidentally do something bad and someone posts about it someone can see it and maybe not hire you for that one thing they see about you.

continuing my digital footprint

The way i plan on continuing my digital footprint is putting positive things on my social media and being more involved in my community. it will show that I am committed and involved and i know how to work with others.

The most important thing I've learned

i have learned many thing this semester i learned that keeping my digital footprint can determine my future and what i do in my life.