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Curriculum Updates

Reading: This week we launched our reading workshop. The students learned how to check books out from our class library. In addition, the students were reminded of the I Pick strategy for choosing books. This strategy encourages students to select books based on interest and on their reading level. It is important for your child to make good book choices since most of third grade reading instruction focuses on various reading strategies and their application. Next week we will begin our study of metacognition. Your student will learn what real readers do and think when they are "in a book".

Writing: We decorated our writer's notebooks! Now it is time to launch our writing workshop. The focus next will be on topic selection and on learning how to live like writers. While we are launching, the students will be learning the history of their name. On Monday your child will bring home a short interview sheet. They will be asking you the history of their name; how they got their name etc. With this information, your child will learn the expectations for writing with detail and how to publish their work with pride!

Social Studies: We started learning about GRIT this week. We read a powerful story titled, Nubs. This story was about a dog who formed a very special relationship with a marine. In this story, Nubs showed tremendous grit in his efforts to be with Brian, the marine. We also experienced grit first hand when sanding wood. This experience really gave each student a sense of what grit is and how sometimes it can be exhausting. We also focused on famous NBA superstar, Michael Jordan. The students learned how Michael was determined to be an amazing basketball player from a young age and how basketball was not always easy for him. Through determination and hard work, Michael achieved his dreams. Next week our focus will be in the words perseverance and resiliency. Thank you for returning the grit survey.

Math: We are in Unit 1! This unit reviews many second grade concepts. Daily your student is assessed on their basic facts. We are currently reviewing addition facts. The best way your student can prepare is to work with flash cards, play a game or app that involves addition facts, or play a math game from the Math Resources page on the class website.

Ask Me!

Below are a few questions to ask your child about their week.

  1. What is GRIT?
  2. Who has grit?
  3. Can you explain how you select good books?
  4. Can you tell me about the math games that you play in the classroom?
  5. What is the Little Leaders board?
  6. How do you earn parts on Mr. Potato Head?
  7. How do you earn brownie points?

Weekly Reminders and Updates

  1. We do have a daily morning snack. :)
  2. Please continue to sign your child's homework book.
  3. Library is Thursday. Please help your child to remember to pack their books Wednesday evening.
  4. Check out the class website for additional information about our classroom.
  5. Daily homework is not posted on the website! Please see your child's homework book for daily assigments.
Motivational Video - Overcoming Adversity

The Power of Grit!

This is a powerful video that reminds us why grit is so important to have! I hope you enjoy it! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Augustine