Memory Information and Tricks

Become more successfull by learning how your memory works.


Mnemonic Devices.

There are many different ways of using Mnemonic Devices to help remember information.

We see mnemonic devices everyday, and we do not even notice it. For example, companies make their phone numbers directly relate to words by using corresponding numbers with the letters on the buttons. For example, 543-7612 Kid Soda. Also, all throughout school, our teachers (and sometimes students) come up with create slogans to remember how to do something, order of events, or just a fact of information. In math class, we use FOIL for factoring. This means first, outter, inner, last. We also use the order of operations, PEMDAS for solving multi-step equation. This means parenthesis, exponents, multilpication, division, addition, subtraction. We se mnemonic devices for grama rules: always drop e before adding ing. Also, to remmeber the planets we were taught, My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pickles. By creating these catchy, sometimes weird, phrases and ideas, our mind is more prone to remembering them due to their oddness.

Types of Mnemonic Devices

these can be used in school, at work, at home, traveling, or anything in life.


-By creating a rhyme, it helps our mind remember something because the words flow better and are easier to relate to.


-By chunking, or grouping words, we are able to easily remember something by simply relating it to anyother item of the list.


-Imagery can be used to remember a set of words or items in order. By using a mental image, it may appear easier to remember a specific place or route.


-Practice makes perfect. By rehearsing something, or practicing, it is much easier to recall it when having to actually do the task.


-Acronyms (were in the earlier examples) are created combining the first letters of multiple things making it easier to remember by creating a word out of the letters.