I am a sophomore at Joliet west high school. I am also an athlete and a well-known male. I am an average student who tries to maintain good grades in school. I am a brother of 2 brothers, one older and one younger. Malvolio is a male who has also fallen for Olivia and he wants to please her by showing her that he can be Treated like a high classmen. ("Go hang yourselves, all of you! You’re all lazy and shallow. I’m not like you. I have a higher future waiting for me. You’ll know more about it later.”) III.IV.115


I am a male student in high school. Gender does not affect what i do and how i am looked at and treated. Malvolio is a male in which it does not effect him but he wants to be treated as a king / High class fellow by Olivia and the others.


I am treated with respect and i respect others with the same amount of respect in which they give to me. I am looked up to as a big brother and a role model for my little brother and i am looked up as a well dressed and talented young man. Malvolio is looked at as a joke who wants to be treated like a king and respected. Olivia : ("Good Maria, let this fellow be looked to. Where’s my cousin Toby? Let some of my people have a special care of him. I would not have him miscarry for the half of my dowry.") III.IV.55

Similarities and Differences

I am athletic, flirting, and a humorous person. Malvolio is an a Humorous, arrogant, and flirting person. We both like to flatter someone we would are in love with and we can both be looked upon as laughing stocks.

I am short, understandable, And a well focused male. Malvolio is an male who cannot be taken serious and he wants to be treated as a king. Our difference are that I can be polite and well mannered also i can treat others respectfully. Malvolio is bossy and wants to be treated as a king and he is not polite nor well mannered and he does not treated others with respect.