"20 Years From Now Collage"

~~~~~~ Future Plan ~~~~~~

Business and Financial Mangment.

After I get my advanced diploma my plan is to head off to college and get a bachelor's degree in business and financial management, so no matter how the economy goes I will always know how to react and be successful in life.

Financial Goals

Be successful at what I do so not only will people want to hire me but also be able to manage the franchise. My hope is to get a house anywere in virginia because it is a very well stable state.


Simple get my advanced diploma, head off to a good college get a bachelor's degree in business and financial management.


In the future I hope to be married by at least 25 and have 2 kids max. Therefore providing to all my family's need.

Retirement/Saving Plans

My plan's are too start saving young so that it can be doubled a couple years later, invest in something that can make a bigger profit than I spent, and retire when I have enough to continue in life without a job.