A Little Bit Scary

By: Erik Pearl

You may think Scream is a little bit scary ,but...

  • He feeds people ceareal from the Walmart down the road
  • He buys toys for poor kids that live on the street
  • And he adopts lots of animals and finds owners of lost ones

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Good Deeds

  • Scream cleans peoples bad attitudes
  • Scream is himself for Halloween and lets people dress up as him
  • He loves school



His family were all really funny and scream got board and went to Hawai.


  1. Scream likes old time deadly lacrosse,
  2. Scream likes art and his favorite color is red,
  3. Screams favorite book series is "Scary Stories."

Screams Favorite Things Are

  • His job.
  • Scary movies of himself
  • School