Dissociative Identity Disorder

It's pretty bizarre, but not like what you've heard

DID can actually be treated

It may take several years but DID can be cured through various therapeutic methods. There are many cases in which DID has been successfully cured throughout history. It is not a severe condition that exists for life, and it is not inherent like some also think. That's just to debunk some quick myths.

DID is also known as Multiple Personality Disorder

This is not true though all the time though, it may not just be multiple personalities, but actually just different states that can be brought out through specific triggers or random circumstances. MPD is just the more common term. Correctly, it is Dissociative Identity Disorder

Debunked myths

Myth 1: People can transfer personalities instantly

The truth is it can minutes, days, or months, for someone to switch personalities

Myth 2: People with DID are just forgetful

They are not forgetful, almost all diagnosed DID patients have extreme memory loss.

Myth 3: People are faking it

In some cases personalities will accept or deny the existence of other personalities in the body.