Egypt's Geography

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The Nile River....... Egypt's Lifeblood

The worlds longest river is the Nile River. Their were some positive and negative effects on how the Nile River impacted Egypt. One negative impact on the Egyptians from the Nile River is that the river flooded and destroyed buildings and homes and

a positive effect in the egyptians from the Nile River is that the river provided food and water.

Some pictures of the Nile River...

Cataracts, don't worry you don't need surgery...

Cataracts, no not your grandparents problem.

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Cataracts are big boulders making traveling by ship across the Nile River very difficult.

A positive effect on Cataracts is that it kept invaders trying to get in out. Cataracts are big boulders that lay along the Nile River.