Darwinism and Creationism

the controversey of being taught in school

The Scopes trial

  In early 1925, the state of Tennessee made it illegal to teach any theory that denies the Story of the Creation of man, as in the Bible, and to teach instead that man had descended from animals.    Trying to challenge a law criminalizing  teaching evolutuion in public schools  John T. Scopes purposely introduced the concept of evolution to a class that he substitute taught.  In Scopes trial, argued by Clarence Darrow, the jury ruled against Scopes.   


In 1987 a case went to Supreme following this case, the state of  Louisiana created a law saying that Evolutionism and Creationism had to be taught in school. It also said that teaching different scientific theories about the making of humans to children might be the intention of making science easier to teach.


Educators cant teach, as fact, that humans were created by a divine being. In science classes teachers must only teach scientific explanations for life on earth.  Schools are required to teach evolution to avoid offending religious people. The United States Supreme Court has held that it is unnecessary for teachers who teach evolution also to teach creationism.


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