Newton's Laws of Motion

Newton's 3 laws of motion!

Newton's First law of motion...

Newton's first law of motion explains that an object in rest will stay in rest, and an object in motion will stay in motion, unless it is acted upon by an outside force. A force of any kind is a push or a pull in a certain direction. Newton's first law also involves something called inertia. Inertia is the tendency of all objects to resist a change in motion. The video below will give you a real life look into Newton's first law of motion...
Newton's First Law of Motion - Science

Newton's Second Law of Motion...

Newton's Second law of motion says that Force equals mass times acceleration (f=m*a). Just encase you didn't know, acceleration means a change in an objects's velocity over a given amount of time. And mass is the amount of matter in an object. The picture below shows a man pushing a car, it also shows the mass and acceleration of the car. This picture describes how you would use Newton's 2nd law in a real life situation.
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Newton's 3rd Law of Motion

Newton's third law of motion says that for every force in the universe here is an equal and opposite force. This law basically means that somewhere else in the universe there is and equal amount of force, and a force that is the opposite of that force. The next example shows a swimmer's force pushing against the water and the water reacting by pushing the swimmer forward, this shows Newton's third law.
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