Hillary's Inferno

Petty Hell

Level 1 - The Dissociative

Those who are guilty of ignoring those they are around because they're too engrossed in their phones are sent to meetings wherein the accused try to plead their innocence, but fail because nobody is listening to them.
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Level 2 - The Noisemakers

Herein lies those who make obsessive noises with thine mouths; those who sin in this manner are sentenced to eternity of the hottest of spices and peppers being rubbed on their tongues, without a drop of water to soothe the heat.
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Aggravating Hell

Level 3 - The Wrathful Drivers

Those who refuse to follow traffic courtesies, use turn signals, or those who cut off other drivers, along with the distracted, drunk, or high drivers, will be forced to sit in standstill traffic for all eternity. Only their lane is frozen, and if they change lanes, the old lane will move and their new lane will be stuck.
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Level 4 - The Uncharitable

This level is to be reserved for those that leave little to no tip when eating out, even with the knowledge that their waitstaff earns less than minimum wage, and the consumer has enough to spare for 15% of the bill. They will be forced to try to swim across an endless river with their pockets laden down with coins equal to the amount of tips they've skipped out on.
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Infuriating Hell

Level 5 - The Spiteful

Those who hate other humans because of factors that are beyond their control are confined here. Depending on their reason for hating others while alive, they will adopt those traits and be hated for the rest of eternity, no matter what their personality is.

Level 6 - The Deplorable

This final level of the inferno is reserved for those who hurt other humans beyond just a scrape or a bruise. Users, abusers, molesters, murderers, assaulters. These people are sentenced to feel their victims' pain for all eternity.