Cameron Cravey

Being Nice: Why Cameron Cravey Says It’s important

Cameron Cravey was voted friendliest person during his four years of high school. Some might think it a silly award and that it certainly isn’t worth mentioning anymore, but Cameron Cravey would say that it was one of the best recognitions that he ever received.

Oftentimes, in today’s world, describing someone as nice is seen as a cop out. Cameron Cravey thinks that being nice is one of the most important traits a person can have. Society likes nice people. It’s one of the reasons describing someone as nice has such an odd connotation. Everyone should be nice, so no one should need to describe anyone that way. However, Cameron Cravey believes that being nice isn’t as widespread as it ought to be.

Cameron Cravey says being nice is as simple as living by the Golden Rule. However, somehow people always forget to do it. Being nice isn’t always easy. Cameron Cravey says that if he finds himself growing short on patience, he tries to put himself in the other person’s shoes. Cameron Cravey says he always challenges people to do this, especially when one is working with children, as it can be the easiest way to get the point across.

For example, Cameron Cravey says that people are generally picky about their food. Everyone has probably been aggravated with a waitress who got an order wrong. At this point, Cameron Cravey suggests putting yourself in the waitress’s shoes. Have you ever made a mistake at work? Probably. Did you mean to? Probably not. Would you like to know you did something wrong? Probably. Do you want someone to yell at you for it before you have an opportunity to correct it? No.

Cameron Cravey says that more thinking like this might just help reintroduce the art of being nice. Maybe eventually people won’t have to talk about it because people would just be that way.

Volunteering: Cameron Cravey Explains its Importance to Him and His Community

Volunteering is one of the most fulfilling things a person can do. All it takes is some of your time and you can make a world of difference. Cameron Cravey volunteers for various roles for several organizations. Taking the time to volunteer can improve not only the standard of living of those in the community, but also the environment that you and those around you live in.

People often think that volunteering is a crazy time consuming activity. They often have no idea where to start or if they should. Cameron Cravey encourages people to start small and with something they enjoy. If you like working with kids, but are short on time, try being a youth sports referee. It can be less of a time commitment than coaching but still lets you get out there. If you like animals, go spend Saturday mornings helping to walk or socialize dogs. When you leave, you’ll probably feel like you haven’t done anything that resembles work.

There is so much that people can do and there’s really no end to the number of people needed to volunteer. Cameron Cravey often challenges people who don’t think they have any talents to share to open the phone book. After looking at the lists of soup kitchens and animal shelters, start making some phone calls. Cameron Cravey says he’s never met anyone who made it through the whole list and was told they weren’t needed.

Cameron Cravey has sponsored several schools and school projects. Cameron Cravey is passionate about helping children and giving them the ability to be their best. Cameron Cravey donated $2,500 to the Eustace School Elementary Playground while continuing to support minor donations through student fundraisers. Cameron Cravey also served on the Construction Committee for Eustace ISD High School. Cameron Cravey previously served as the sole sponsor of a small Christian elementary school of 12 students for 6 years. Cameron Cravey enjoys being able to help children.

Cameron Cravey reminds people how good volunteering can be for their own well-being.

How Sponsorship Helps People: Cameron Cravey Shares His Experience

Cameron Cravey was sponsored by good people on multiple occasions and has enjoyed the many experiences that he’s been fortunate to have over the years. In that spirit, he was taught to pass it on. Cameron Cravey wants everyone to be able to experience as much as they can of the world and to be as helpful in that endeavor as they can. Over the years, Cameron Cravey has sponsored several projects. He has been the sole supporter of a 12-student elementary school, as well as sponsoring several missions and missionaries.

Cameron Cravey enjoys sponsorship because it kills two birds with one stone. Cameron Cravey strives to have a positive impact on as many lives as he can and the people he sponsors generally have the same types of goals in mind. By sponsoring a group of missionaries, Cameron Cravey has not just done something positive in the lives of their group, he also played a role in the positivity they bring to those whose lives they touch.

Cameron Cravey says he thinks of sponsorship as a ripple effect. He helps one person, who in turn helps 20 more people, instead of it just stopping with that single person. Cameron Cravey says he finds that thought to be very satisfying and fulfilling.

The need for people to help out is great and Cameron Cravey enjoys being able to be a part of the support that affords people and organizations the ability to do good for the community and the world.

Cameron Cravey says that being one of the sponsors allows him to give so much more than he could alone. Often, it is harder to find people to give time than it is to find people to give money. Each person only has 24 hours in a day. There is only so much one can accomplish in a day, but by sponsoring others in their charitable endeavors, Cameron Cravey says it’s almost like we can be in multiple places at once.

Being a Global Citizen: Why Cameron Cravey Finds it Important to His Ministry

Cameron Cravey is a proud Christian. An important part of his work is ministering to others and leading a godly life. One of the ways that Cameron Cravey strives to minister to others is through his support of non-profits and charitable organizations globally. Cameron Cravey gives whatever he can to help those in his community, as well as those all over the world. Cameron Cravey encourages everyone to be globally-minded and strive to be a good citizen of the world, as well as within their own communities.

Cameron Cravey strives to positively touch as many people’s lives as he can. Through his work with organizations like Tres Dias, Cameron Cravey is able to be a party to helping people nationwide renew their Christian faith and strengthen their walk with Christ.

Knowing that Tres Dias supports ministry and community involvement, Cameron Cravey is able to help the global community by infusing it with people who are dedicated to doing all that they can to help and spread the message of Christ in their communities.

Cameron Cravey is aware that there is a lot that he can do to spread the message in his own community, as Texas is a large state. However, the citizens of Texas are also going to find churches much more accessible than those in the African desert might. Cameron Cravey wants to bring the opportunity to as many people as he can, which means letting his godly life touch not only those in his own community but also those across the world.

For every person that Cameron Cravey’s ministry touches, more opportunities arise to spread the word of God and to bring another person to Him. Cameron Cravey wants as many opportunities for that kind of outreach as he can possibly be responsible for providing.

Having Good Role Models Reminder from Cameron Cravey

Most people in this world would like to be thought of as a good role model to someone. Cameron Cravey thinks that everyone should seek out people that are good role models to observe and interact with. This gives each of us a degree of accountability and a gauge to assist our conscience. The trick is understanding that these people are human and that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to get disappointed or let down if they do something that we don’t agree with. Cameron Cravey says we should also keep ourselves from judging them. Rather, we must be ready to lend a helping hand or support if they falter. Be cheerful and happy for others’ success, even though sometimes it is hard to be sincerely happy

Cameron Cravey knows that many of us have reflex reactions to people or situations.

Often times we don’t think about our responses; that’s what makes them a reflex. While you may not have thought much about what you said or did in response to something or someone, good role models will remind you that someone probably saw and is watching you closely. Very often, we don’t know who considers us a role model, especially with children.

Children enjoy praise from adults and that recognition for doing something correctly often means a lot. Cameron Cravey says that “oftentimes people can be quick to punish and judge, but slow to praise.”

Cameron Cravey is dedicated to being a good role model in Texas; he has attended several Texas colleges and universities. After his graduation from Thomas Edison State University in Trenton, NJ, where he earned a 3.85 GPA, he decided to use his degree to become a benefit to his community. Cameron Cravey and his wife, Kim, currently lead Children’s Church at Grace Fellowship Outreach on Sundays. Cameron Cravey has also coached youth sports teams for several years, which he thoroughly enjoys. Cameron Cravey works hard with others to improve his Texas community for all of its residents.

Having Integrity and Showing Kindness: Why Cameron Cravey Says it Garners Respect

Cameron Cravey thinks that oftentimes, people over-think the word “integrity.” It is a big word with a real, serious-sounding connotation, but often, people aren’t sure how to define it. Because integrity is about being honest, Cameron Cravey says that he fits it into his “Golden Rule” take on life.

“I say treat everyone with integrity, kindness and respect. If anyone deserves it, we all do, as there was only one person who has lived his life without mistakes. The good bible clearly points out to forgive and love the people you love; however, the reward is forgiving and loving your enemies,” Cameron Cravey said.

Cameron Cravey believes we should treat others better than the way we want to be treated. Treat them the way that Jesus/Yeshua said. If you fail to do this in a day or endeavor, which may happen since we tend to believe that we all are right, then Cameron Cravey says you should do more and better tomorrow. Everyone has hurt someone and everyone has been hurt by someone. Cameron Cravey says that every situation is a test for you regardless of what anyone has done to you or how they have acted towards or treated you. One day you will be judged by the only one worthy of judging – who is sinless and you will not be able to reference anyone or anything; you will be alone and look singly on your actions. Cameron Cravey reminds us that God used a liar and a thief (Jacob/Israel) to establish a nation, he saved the adulteress (Mary) from being judged and stoned, and he used a murderer (Moses) to lead his people from captivity. If God himself treats people this way, who has any right or justification? Cameron Cravey says we are supposed to strive and continue to grow more like God continuously though this voyage of life – everyday.

Being Relatable: Cameron Cravey Talks About Why it’s an Important Skill in Today’s World

Cameron Cravey teaches Children’s Church every Sunday. Cameron Cravey also has congressional representatives as close friends. The reason Cameron Cravey is able to do so much is because he has a gift for being able to relate to others. People may think that relating to a 6-year-old child isn’t much of an accomplishment, but being able to hold a conversation with a 6-year-old and make them listen and then turn around to talk to a congressman is actually quite phenomenal.

Cameron Cravey says that this lack of being able to connect is one of the larger problems that he notices in today’s society. Not everyone is capable of being able to relate to or even hold a conversation with most other people. While most people are able to hold a conversation with their peers, many people in today’s society find it taxing to talk to those who they consider to be above or below them.

Cameron Cravey says that he believes in improving everyday and striving to be a good citizen of the world. Aside from that, he is a Christian and believes that God made us all equally. Cameron Cravey believes that all sins, with the exception of two, are equal. Cameron Cravey thinks that as members of the human race, we have the basis to relate to each other. Being rich or poor does not make you less of a human being.

Cameron Cravey says that he tries to talk to as many people as he can. Whether they are different from him or the same, Cameron Cravey says that talking to other people is one of the best ways we as human beings can learn. Having the ability to talk with others and the ability to learn from them is one of the best skills a person can have, according to Cameron Cravey. It expands your horizons and opens your life up to so many more experiences.

Learning from Others: Cameron Cravey Shares About His Experience Learning from Others

Cameron Cravey has had the opportunity to cross paths with a wide variety of people from all walks of life. One of the things that Cameron Cravey enjoys about being able to meet all these different people is the things that he gets to learn from all of them.

Some things that Cameron Cravey learns from the people he interacts with are intangible things. They aren’t facts but traits or reactions. For example, Cameron Cravey has learned patience from the children that he works with. They certainly didn’t mean to teach him that, but it is definitely a skill that Cameron Cravey has picked up along the way.

Some things you learn from people are facts, however, kind of like nice little trivia tidbits. Cameron Cravey knows a few random facts about different sects of Protestantism because of his work with the interdenominational organization, Tres Dias.

Sometimes people have surprising things to teach you. For example, Cameron Cravey says he always likes to strike up conversations with people in the supermarket’s produce section. Often, those little ladies who are looking so choosy about their produce have tried and true methods of picking food to share.

Cameron Cravey advises everyone to talk to people. When people share some knowledge that they have obtained, it can sometimes make them feel better about themselves; even if you don’t need the information, just listen. Talk to as wide a range of people as humanly possible. Interacting with people is one of the things that gets most lost due to the prevalence of technology. Cameron Cravey says that you’ll be amazed by the things you learn and the people that you meet.

Cameron Cravey also notes that he never realized he had so much to share with others until he started getting into conversations with people who didn’t know him as well. Cameron Cravey says that people are often shy about striking up conversations because they’re worried about not having anything to contribute.

Doing What You Love: Why Cameron Cravey Says it’s Important to Be Fulfilled

Cameron Cravey knows we’ve all seen this movie: young woman marries older rich man. Older rich man dies mysteriously, young rich widow runs off with young man she loves, all the while attempting to elude police suspicion. Everyone probably thinks the same thing while watching this movie: why didn’t she just marry the young one she loves and be poor and in love?
Cameron Cravey’s philosophy is that we are all individuals and one size does not fit all. But life is very much like this movie and most people, like the young woman, marry the rich old man that does not make them happy. Cameron Cravey believes that finding the things that make you happy is the third most important thing you will ever do, right behind making the decision to do those things and, number one, your salvation. Money itself is only an object and a tool that can be wielded by the handler for good or bad. According to Cameron Cravey, we should try to remember that happiness is a feeling and not an object. The most important things for Cameron Cravey are:

1. The relationship with the people that you surround yourself with,
2. What you do with your time,
3. Your attitude and sense of fulfillment,
4. Understanding that God doesn’t cause every circumstance, but that in every circumstance you have a purpose,
5. We are all called to peace and joy, and doing those things that create peace and joy is the recipe for happiness. Everything else, while it serves a purpose, is just decoration.
Everyone is really searching for happiness. “Recently I was visiting with a friend and I enjoyed our conversation as we discussed this very matter,” Cameron Cravey explains. “He said it best: ‘Obviously if you’re very happy, it is the opposite of discontent and sadness, so it is good. Simply do more of that.”

Cameron Cravey counts himself lucky because his professional life has allowed him to do the things that he is passionate about outside of it. Cameron Cravey is able to help Christian missions and organizations because of his professional life. He is able to donate to and sponsor schools. Those things are what he is passionate about and Cameron Cravey is fulfilled because he has the ability to do them.

Cameron Cravey always encourages people to find what they love and to add it to their life, even if it means adding volunteering to an already packed schedule. He has observed first hand and was taught that people are amazed by how much more fulfilling life seems when one is engaged in something that they are truly passionate about. Cameron Cravey knows how fulfilled he feels in his life and wishes the same for everyone else.