Kilgore ISD Libraries Update

Volume I Fall 2015

KISD Elementary Libraries

Check out the news below to see what has been happening at the KPS, Chandler, and KIS libraries.

KISD Secondary Libraries

KMS Library

The KMS Library received 219 books from our Books A Million book drive in the month of August. We are thrilled with the response we received. Some will be used in the library and others will be given to teachers for their classroom or used as prizes for students.

During the first weeks of school sixth grade students visited the library for a library orientation and all of the 7th graders were able to come in and check out books as well.

More good news...the KMS Library received a Chromebook cart that is now available for teacher checkout.

The KMS Book Fair is scheduled for the week of October 19-23. They are still in need of volunteers to help this week so please spread the word!

KHS Library

It has been a very busy first six weeks at the KHS Library. We had all of the freshman in for library orientations. At the orientation, students learned about our rules & policies, our e-books & audiobooks, how to search for books using our online catalog, where books are located in the library, our databases, our magazines, and our gaming center.

We also implemented new software to catalog and organize our textbooks. The library has played an important role in this process. We have cataloged and barcoded all of our new textbooks and then checked them out to students and teachers. The new textbooks have been completed and we are now focusing on the textbooks we received last year. Everyone has been really pleased with the new system and its ease of use.

We also did a special orientation for our EOC reading classes that focused solely on reading. These students were introduced to our magazines, books, online catalog, electronic books & audiobooks, and were given time at the end of the class to check out books.

Also, during the first six weeks Mrs. Cole presented on plagiarism to all senior English students. This lesson teaches students what plagiarism is, the different ways that people plagiarize, what happens at colleges if you are caught plagiarizing, real world examples of plagiarism in the professional world, and the meaning of fair use. The Kilgore News Herald did an article about KHS and how the library and English teachers work together to help prevent plagiarism from happening at our campus.

We have also worked with dance technique students, robotics students, and music appreciation students on research.

During the next six weeks, we hope to open a MakerSpace area to students before and after school and during lunch. A MakerSpace is a DIY space where people gather to create, invent, and learn. We will keep you updated on this new endeavor.