Innovation Center

October 2016

First Quarter Down!

During the first quarter of the school year, we have celebrated Banned Books Week in the innovation center and created a Staff Picks display with book recommendations from all library assistants. MinecraftEdu Club started meeting again in October. Next month, Ms. Ratliff will be sharing the Warrington Minecraft club's successes with the Panhandle Library Access Network at their annual meeting. Last year, students crafted different novel settings in Minecraft, but this year they will also work on projects using science, math, and history. If you are interested in incorporating Minecraft into your lessons, please contact Ms. Ratliff. You are always welcome to try out Minecraft in the innovation center at any time.

Mine(craft)ing for Knowledge!

What's Coming Up?

  • The Scholastic Book Fair is scheduled for Friday, October 28th through Thursday, November 3rd and will be held in the innovation center. Book fair flyers will be in your boxes on Monday. All proceeds benefit the library to buy more books.
  • There will be an election-themed READ event on Tuesday, November 8th, in the innovation center during 3rd, 4th, & 5th periods. The Reading Education Assistance Dogs are returning to the library on Election Day. There will be a collection of election-themed picture books on hand for students to read as they pet and read to trained therapy dogs. This is always a relaxing and enjoyable activity for students. If your students are interested in reading to dogs during their scheduled research time on Tuesday, 11/8, contact Ms. Ratliff to reserve a time. Small groups or full research classes welcomed!
  • ELA & reading teachers! Warrington Middle has qualified for the First Book Open eBooks initiative which lends free children's and YA ebooks to students in need. To participate, students need to download the free Open eBooks app to their phones or tablets (not available on Chromebook). Then each student will enter a unique code which will unlock a vast digital library. Students may check out up to 10 free ebooks at a time for up to 56 days before renewal. Contact Ms. Ratliff if you would like First Book eBooks for your students, and codes will be provided for your classes.
  • The Sunshine State Young Readers book club will be starting next month. ELA or reading classes are encouraged to visit the library next month to learn about this year's SSYRA selection. Ms. Ratliff can do book talks for the 15 books on the list, and the library assistants are working on creating book trailers for all of these books. Student book club applications will be shared in November.
  • Overdue book notices will be put in your boxes in November. Please continue to pass these out to your students.