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From Behind The Desk

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Hello Panthers!

We are enjoying Spring here at Cimarron. I hope you are soaking up the sun today.

  • This week is National Assistant Principals Week, Cimarron is very VERY fortunate to have the talents of Mrs. Carrie Higdon and Mrs. Sarah Dobbs enriching the lives of our young scholars. If you'd like to sent them a note of appreciation I linked their email. It's always nice to look at on a rainy day. They couldn't decide whether they wanted to be a teacher, a lawyer, a police officer, a politician, a healer, a counselor, an arbitrator, a manager, a dispute mediator, a nurse, a comedian, a researcher, a coach, a security guard, a detective, or a Panther Leader. They solved their problem by becoming an assistant principal!
  • And this is National Library Week! Have you read a good book lately? Do you need a book recommendation? Then look no further... Mrs. Ally Schreck is our Library Media Specialist and Mr. Jeff Edwards is our Media Aide. The two of them cover everything from Graphic Novels to The Lord Of The Rings. I hope you'll pause for a moment and share your gratitude. They continue to work creatively ensuring we have access to the books we want and need throughout the pandemic.
  • Remember drinking plenty of water is important! Make good use of our new bottle fillers from Campaign 8100. General good health practices keep our bodies strong and ready to fend off viruses... and that includes drinking plenty of water. Be sure to finish outside drinks (other than water) before entering school in the morning (unless you've scheduled a day to buy enough for 1st period). In fact, one recent study found that staying hydrated may boost a particular immune response to enable your body to better fight the viruses.
  • "Water is made of oxygen, drinking more water increases the oxygen in our bodies. Drinking more water improves our body’s cellular respiration and the removal of toxins in our bodies. Essentially, water helps humans stay healthy, which can boost immunity and help avoid the flu. If you do happen to contract the flu, drinking plenty of water can help fight it and rid your body of the virus. Water is truly an amazing resource and does much more besides boosting our immune systems and helping prevent the flu. Whether it’s flu season or not, drink plenty of readily available tap water from your faucet and keep hydrated."

  • Morning Drop Off: Our morning drop-off is getting better. Remember, our day starts at 7:40a with students in their seats ready to learn. After 7:40 am is counted as Tardy. I encourage you to drop off your student by 7:25a, our doors open at 7:10a. Doing so will give students about 10 minutes with their 1st-hour teacher to get their day organized, eat breakfast (for free), and even read or work on an assignment or two.
  • And remember to Eat @ Johnnie's Tonight!

Gabe Schmidt
Cimarron MS

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." – President John Quincy Adams

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Cimarron's PTO Volunteer Interest for 2021-22

CPTO Volunteer Interest Survey to help us gauge interest from families for next year. If you could help that would be awesome. We are looking ahead to next year. Each of our kiddos will be a year older and maybe wiser. Would you be willing to contribute in one of the way listed on our survey?

Click Here for the CPTO Volunteer Interest Survey

Summer Leap!

Cimarron in partnership with EPS will be providing a summer learning experience designed to bolster the skills of any student whose Aimsweb+ scores indicate a need for remediation. Families of young scholars qualifying for this opportunity will be contacted later this spring.
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YOUR ONE-STOP SHOP FOR DIGITAL CONNECTIONS - Infinite Campus, Child Nutrition, Chromebook Troubleshooting, WiFi Needs, AND More!


  • April 8 - CPTO Johnnie's Fundraiser - EAT AT JOHNNIE'S
  • April 16 - April Day - No School
  • April 23 - CPTO Pizza Day
  • May 13 - CPTO Meeting @ 8:30 am Click for link
  • May 13 is CPTO Panera Night at the Spring Creek location. Watch for more details!
  • May 14 - Fun Food Friday
  • May 21 - CPTO Pizza Day

Purchase your Cimarron yearbook for $40 and capture the memories of the 20/21 school year!


Panthers, remember the importance of continuing to track Covid related illnesses and report exposures and positive cases to our email address.

Students who are experiencing symptoms can be tested at the Custodial Services testing hub. The hub is walk-in only and operates from 8:30a -3:30p. The hub is set up to provide Telehealth services as well as testing for Covid-19, flu, and strep. As a reminder, be sure to have your ID and proof of insurance should you or a family member need to be tested for Covid, flu, or strep.

  • Custodial Services Department (612 W. Campbell) 405-726-3325

Direct all Covid related questions to We are updating our process to streamline our protocols per the update from the CDC on 02/11/21.

You may view the latest EPS statistics each Friday afternoon:


Gabe Schmidt - Lead Principal, 6th Grade

Sarah Dobbs - Principal, 7th Grade

Carrie Higdon - Principal, 8th Grade

Welcome Video from the Principals

Teresa Murray - 6th Gr. Counselor Welcome Video

Leslie Singleton - 7th Gr. Counselor

Nancy McElveen - 8th Gr. & Cimarron VE Counselor

Cimarron’s School Resource Officers: Sgt. Littles & Sgt. Pearson - Welcome Video