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March 2-6


Spring is here!!! Please continue to have conversations with your students about getting along with others, Kelso's choices, and lunch room behavior. Conflicts between students should be handled in the classroom if possible.

While Yesenia is out, please have students utilize the pink need to talk forms. You can also email Mrs. Hennington if you need support for a student.

If you have Vanderbilt (ADHD) forms that need to be faxed to doctor's offices for parents please but them in Christina's box.

You can wear jeans if you are participating in the Read Across America/Character Counts dress up days!

Important Dates

Character Counts Week

Pledge Helpers- Mrs. Puckett's class

March 2

TELPAS Testing- Computer Labs closed all day

Day 6

March 3

College Shirt day with jeans

TELPAS Testing- Computer Labs closed all day

Huddle 3:30 p.m.

Day 1

March 4

Morning PL- 4th grade

Spring Picture Day

TELPAS Testing make-ups (tentative, email will be sent)

5th Grade Symphony Trip


Day 2

March 5

Morning PL- 4th grade

Day 3

March 6

Character Rally 7:55

Early Release for students- 12:15

Day 0

12 Week Student Challenge-Week 9

Share THAT CHILD with your team…how have they changed- talk with your teammates about how this child has changed in your classroom. If you are not seeing improvements, let’s talk and see what we can do differently

Immersive Readers!

Immersive reader has now been activated within itslearning! This feature is designed to make reading more accessible for everyone. Click here to visit our itslearning page to learn more about where it can be used within itslearning. Since our district is piloting this program being embedded within itslearning, teacher feedback is crucial. If you can, please complete this Anonymous survey: Immersive Reader Anonymous Survey

Click on the link below to vote for Parr's Teacher of the Year!

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Shout out to...

Ms. Gladys from the cafeteria. She has been amazing getting breakfast prepped by herself and opening the serving line as close to 7:30 as she can! Thank you! -From McKinney and Matthews

Yesenia for helping with a delicate parent situation, you made it go so smoothly. You're the best!-Alex Reid

Stephanie Hirsch-She is always willing to share ideas and resources

April Guseman-Thanks for always being so flexible and supportive. Best partner ever!-Anna Lowery

Congrats to Yesenia on the birth of Celeste!

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Its that time of the year when we get frustrated, tired, and start to draw the line in the sand.... don't forget to hug the porcupines. Parents send us the best they have each day.

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Citizenship

Purposefull People words-Cooperation/Creativity

Cooperation Challenge

Classroom Cooperation

This month, partner up with a teacher in your building to plan a cooperative activity for your classrooms. Your administrator can partner up classrooms ahead of time or leave the partnering up to teachers. Work with your partner teacher to come up with an activity that allows your classrooms to work together. Here are some ideas to get you started:
Partner up with a younger or older classroom and plan a buddy reading time
Partner up with a classroom for “game day” and allow students to bring in their favorite games from home
Partner up with a classroom to play a favorite gym or recess game together

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Rest up and enjoy your Spring Break!