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NEWSLETTER {August & September}


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Let's Celebrate and WOOHOO some 31derful Achievements!!!

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DREAM REWARDS: These women worked consistently over 6 months to earn not only their commission but EXTRA GIFT CARDS!
Allyssa Alvarez; Level 1 - $100 Gift Card
Casey Bright; Level 1 - $100 Gift Card
Erin Goldsberry; Level 1 - $100 Gift Card
Jill Graham; Level 1 - $100 Gift Card
Kara Miller; Level 1 - $100 Gift Card

Liz Lieb; Level 1 - $100 Gift Card

D'Anna Buell; Level 2 - $600 Gift Card

START SWELL - The program offered to NEW CONSULTANTS for their first 120 days is a great way to build consistency to do 1-2 parties a month AND reward you for your hard work :)

Consultants who have earned StartSwell in August and September are:
Erin Goldsberry: Level 3, Level 4
Jacquie Gee: Level 1 + $1000 level bonus!!
Jenn Stanford: Level 1
Lindsay Kolberg Level 1, Level 2
Liz Lieb Level 2, Level 3 and already has Level 4!
Sarah Llewellyn: Level 2 , Level 3
Shelly VanGorder: Level 1
Tara Schmit: Level 1, Level 2
Tonya Thomas: Level 2, Level 3
Valeri Giacoma Wolenberg: Level 4

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Allyssa Alvarez- August 15
Jennifer Standford - September 24

Nicole Bloomer - September 20

Meghan Sager - August 12

Tonya Thomas - August 24

Shannon Ciolek - September 13

Casey Bright - October 13

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AUGUST was a bit slow but we STEAM ROLLED SEPTEMBER :)

Let's Celebrate Top Party Girls and Top Sellers for AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER!!

IN AUGUST: We had 20 out of 34 consultants who had at least 1 party!! This is amazing :)

2 Parties
: Allyssa Alavarez, D'Anna Buell, Jill Graham, Lindsay Kolberg,
3 Parties: Tonya Thomas


We had 24 consultants who had sales this month! Woohoo :)
$1-$499: Christine Limbaugh, Teresa Borton, Samantha Borba, Shannon Ciolek, Terri Bock, Erin Goldsberry, Shelly VanGorder, Nicole Bloomer, Meghan Sager, Christina Blaugh, Kara Miller, Christina Wienke, Casey Bright
Valerie Giacoma Wolenberg, Erin Black, Tara Schmit, Lindsay Kolberg, Liz Lieb, Sarah Llewellyn
$1000+Allyssa Alvarez $1004, D'Anna Buell $1014.00 Jill Graham $1102.00, Tonya Thomas $1212

TOP SELLER: TONYA THOMAS!!! $1212 - I know you have done a great job with personal shopping and personalization! Keep it UP! :)

Director Stats This Month: $5686 & 7 Parties

IN SEPTEMBER : We had 24 out of 39 consultants who had at least 1 party!! This is great :) I love seeing you all party, build relationships and earn income!

2 Parties
: D'Anna Buell, Jill Graham, Tonya Thomas, Christina Blaugh, jacquie Gee, Kara Miller
3 Parties: Liz Lieb
4 Parties:Allyssa Alvarez

TOP PARTY GIRLS: ALLYSSA With 4 parties even through a really tough month!!

We had 26 consultants who had sales this month! Great job ladies, let's work on all the areas of our business including PERSONAL SHOPPING and raise that number through the holidays! Help OTHERS shop and earn the cash to do OUR OWN shopping:)

$1-$499: Christine Limbaugh, Samantha Borba, Grace Bedford, Nicole Bloomer, Meghan Sager, Sarah Llewellyn, Tonya Thomas, Shannon Ciolek
Casey Bright, Christina Blaugh, Kara Miller, Terri Bock, Shelly VanGorder, Jennifer Stanford, Lindsay Kolberg,
$1000+ Randi Wahl $1027, A'Shel Santana $1128, Erin Goldsberrg $1384, Valerie Giacoma Wolenberg $1386, Allyssa Alvarez $1512
$2000+ D'Anna Buell $2143,Jill Graham $2456



Director Stats This Month: $10266.99, 12 PARTIES

You ladies BLOW ME AWAY every month <3

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AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER DREAMBUILDING- You accepted the CHALLENGE and we have continued to grow our team! Let's Keep Sharing the Opportunity! It is our job to ask and theirs to accept ;)

Christina had 1 new recruit: Jacquie Gee
D'Anna had 2 new recruits: Shelly VanGorder and Jenn Stanford
Erin had 1 new recruit: Cynthia Church
Kara Miller had 1 new recruit: Marquita Bullock
Ali Laird had 1 new recruit: Anne Strathmann

Miranda had 2 new recruits: Krista Weaver and Jessica Runkel

Great job! Way to share the TOTEally Blessed Opportuntiy :)
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Thirty-One Gifts – Unpacking the Fall/Winter 2016 Enrollment Kit
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I am so excited to Welcome more new Consultants as a part of our TOTEally Blessed Team:

Shelly VanGorder - 8,18.2016
Cynthia Church - 8.30.2016

Jacquie Gee 8.31.2016
Anne Strathman 9.21.2016
Jennifer Stanford 9.27.2016

Marquita Bullock 9.28.2016

Jessica Runkel 9.29.2016

I love seeing our Team/Family Grow! I am so excited you have chosen to begin YOUR journey!

*Be sure to check our team page to connect in the New Consultant Album for Trainings and use the resources below and bookmark them! I'd love to set up a one-on-one call with myself or three-way with your sponsor! Your goals and your questions are important to us!*

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Be on the lookout for the photo album with this image cover.

I have begun this album for NEW CONSULTANTS and anyone interested in BACK TO BASICS training to this group where we will see what it takes to start off right! My hopes and dreams are that we will grow our teams to need a new group that I attempted last month each month to get the new consultants connected :)

The album can be located here:

Teams in the Making!

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We have SEVERAL ladies including Kara Miller, Christina Blaugh and D'Anna Buell who have made the decision they would like to grow their team and promote to the next level to become both Senior Consultants and Directors! Do you know what it takes to be a senior cconsultant or director? Would you like to more! Let one of us know or ask on our Team Page and we will let you in on the secrets ;) (not really secrets because you KNOW where to find it, right!? ...........YES! TOT! :)

These ladies have set goals to become Senior Consultants SOON! some have even begun growing their team: Casey Bright, Allyssa Alvarez, Sarah Llewellyn

D'Anna Buell achieved DIQ STATUS! Meaning she and her team met the requirements of a Director Level Team and if they do it again in October, she will PROMOTE TO DIRECTOR!


Kara Miller - 3 Team Members, 3 Personal Recruits (almost there) Kara's team is in a growing period and she is working hard to ground herself after a move from Illinois to North Carolina! They are all focused and ready to continue growing and learning :)

D'Anna Buell - 3 Team Members, 3 Personal Recruits (almost there) D'Anna's Team DID achieve Director "Stats" in JUNE and JULY!
June :
Leader PV $1856/$1000 and Team PV $4400/$4000!
July: Leader PV $3146/$1000 and Team PV $6721/$4000! WAY TO GO, keep building and staying consistent :)

These ladies are ROCKIN' IT and are on the RIGHT PATH to leadership :)

DID YOU KNOW that when a consultant becomes a director there are A LOT of perks including a chance at a $1000 BONUS?! and a FREE VACATION- 2017 will be a CARIBBEAN CRUISE!!!
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I challenge you to print this out and add to or start your own consultant binder! Once you do, text me a picture and say DONE! I will send you happy mail and walk through the next steps with you ;)

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Here is a link to our TEAM FILES PAGE I will continuously update!

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